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A Healthy Wealthy Africa

CeSAHA is an African-facing, caused-based social enterprise set up by a group of experienced African health and development professionals to tackle the myriad of health and developmental challenges facing the African continent. One of our motivations for setting up CeSAHA was to fulfill the need to have strong African-led organizations taking the lead in preferring solutions to the critical health and developmental challenges facing the continent.

Our aim is to reach out with home-grown best-in-class solutions that would improve the the health and socio-economic conditions of Africans in a sustainable manner. We firmly believe that Africans must take the front seat in their own affairs. As the African saying goes: “The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm”. Our conviction to see a healthy and prosperous Africa is a genuine resolve that we are wholeheartedly committed to.

Who We Are

Meet our Board of Directors and the CeSAHA team.


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Our Projects

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Our Mission

To make healthcare accessible to underserved communities in Africa without financial hardship.

Our Vision

Healthy and prosperous Africans making significant contributions to global developmental efforts.

Guiding Philosophies

  • Be Resourceful. “Making a difference is not just about resources alone”
  • Self-Reliance. “The best place to find a helping hand is at her end of your own arm”
  • Embrace Complexity

Our Core Values

CeSAHA was created with certain intrinsic core values. We engage in our activities and programs with these core values foremost in mind.


When integrity is missing, very little remains. We, therefore, approach all our activities and interactions with probity, openness, and transparency.


While basing our strategies on objective evaluation and evidence, we will continue to retain well-trained, talented, hard working and self-motivated professionals as we grow to become an organization of international repute.


We embrace opportunities that further our mission through committed partnerships. We encourage communication, teamwork and participation to maximize the collective efforts of all parties involved in the attainment of shared goals.

Our Strategic Approach

We carry out our interventions using a hybrid project or program management methodology – a mix of the traditional Predictive (waterfall) model and Adaptive/Agile (Scrum). In general, this model is most suitable for working in resource-constrained environments with a lot of uncertainties and also fits the complex nature of health interventions in particular. This has greatly helped us to identify the right interventions and also do the project right. In addition, the hybrid approach has enabled us to deliver impactful healthcare interventions that are scalable, replicable and sustainable.

Further, to ensure that our interventions continue to add value and remain impactful long after the project closure, we build the projects on a foundation made up of our 5 pillars of long-term sustainability: Co-ownership, Commercial mindset, Capacity building, Zero Tolerance for Corruption and Professionalism

Our Statements of Purpose

To support the United Nation’s agenda on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and improve the quality of life of the African population by making quality healthcare affordable and accessible through sustainable community health initiatives

To promote health by working with relevant stakeholders to identify and remove upstream causes of poor population health in target beneficiary communities (e.g. poverty alleviation, WASH, Nutrition, access to renewable energy, etc.)

Our Theory of Change

The Health System in most African countries is comparatively weak resulting in a heavy disease burden, low Life Expectancy (L.E), and poor economic performance.

If we work with others to improve access to affordable and quality-assured healthcare in Africa and other developing countries, THEN mortality and morbidity rates will reduce, and LE will increase.

People will become more productive, the economy will improve, hunger and other social vices will drop significantly, and people will live longer BECAUSE research shows that investing in Universal Health Coverage (UHC) yields 20 fold ROI and that achieving UHC holds the key to achieving other SD Goals

Sponsors & Partners

In line with our core values and guiding principles, CeSAHA has developed win-win mutually beneficial relationships with organizations around the world. 

New partners and corporate sponsors are needed to help advance our mission.  Contact us for more information.

Join us and help move Africa forward.