COVID-19 Related Digital Tools

Digital Resources to Keep Our Community Safe

Over the past 2 years, millions of people have been infected with Coronavirus globally. A major way to curtail the spread of the virus is the provision of accurate information on its transmission, symptoms and safety measures to be practised by the public.

In response to the pandemic, some organizations designed innovative applications that has increased people’s access to health care services including accurate information on COVID-19 from the comfort and safety of their homes while some have been curated to provide relevant life-saving skills to health workers and to contribute to COVID-19 research studies.

WHO Info App

The official WHO (World Health Organization) information app is designed for the general public to provide the latest news, feature stories, fact sheets, disease outbreak updates, and public health emergency information on a daily basis. It is available in 6 languages. All information on the app is gotten from the official WHO COVID-19 data streams. The WHO Info app is available for free download.

Digital Resources - WHO Info App


Easy to use web application offering live world statistical updates on confirmed coronavirus cases, deaths, recoveries and closed cases on a both global level and country by country basis.

Digital Resources - Worldometer


This mobile app screens you for the COVID19 disease and checks in on you daily to monitor the symptoms you provide, such as your body temperature, presence of cough, headaches, and more.

Digital Resources - Luscii


This tool is strictly for individuals traveling to Canada during this pandemic. Travelers are advised to download this mobile application prior to their arrival to reduce wait times at Canadian ports of entry and to limit points of contact. It works in airplane mode and allows subscribers to save their information, which would then be used to administer and enforce legislation to help contain COVID-19 and keep Canadians safe and healthy. To submit your information, a token is needed which is available on-site at Canadian airports and borders – upon arrival.

Digital Resources - Arrive CAN

WHO Academy

Another app developed by WHO that provides front-line health workers with access to abundant COVID-19 resources online, that include up-to-date guidance, tools, trainings, and virtual workshops that will help them properly care for COVID-19 patients and protect themselves. It enables them expand their life-saving skills to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. The application is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Digital Resources - WHO Academy

CoronaCheck App

Provides Pakistanis’ users with authentic, important information shared by international experts, agencies and organizations regarding the novel coronavirus. Users can conveniently conduct self-assessments, limiting risk of infection that comes with visiting health centers. It aims to raise awareness about what COVID-19 is, preventive measures to take to avoid spreading infection, precautions for parents to keep children safe, the need for physical distancing and guidelines on wearing PPEs. Emergency contact numbers are also listed.

Digital Resources - Corona Check

GH COVID-19 Tracker

A free virtual monitoring app that connects users who need clinical support to medical practitioners, helps them assess and self report symptoms for COVID-19 and increases access to guidance on COVID-19.

Digital Resources - GH COVID-19 Tracker

COVID-19 Symptom Study

It was designed by doctors and scientists at King’s College London, Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals in conjunction with Zoe Global Limited. Users are expected to daily monitor any symptom that could be associated with Covid-19. Information provided by users in the UK and US would assist scientists/researchers to better understand the outbreak situation and to fight coronavirus by identifying ways in which the virus is spread, individuals and communities at most risk, how the disease presents itself to different people, and how it progresses.

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